Functionality Tables

This page documents what hardware and software features are expected to be non-functional on DivestOS. See also the known issues page and the bug reporting page if necessary.

Hardware Features

While some hardware might not require proprietary userspace blobs, the hardware itself is non-free and runs proprietary firmware.

Accelerometer/GyroWorksSome devices utilize blobs for sensors
AudioWorksSome audio blobs are removed
BluetoothWorksSome devices utilize blobs for Bluetooth
CameraWorksNo camera blobs are removed
Cell ServiceWorksMany radio blobs are removed, but is kept fully functional
CompassWorksNo blobs are required for the compass
GPSWorksMany location blobs are removed, but is kept fully functional
GPUWorksNo GPU blobs are removed
HW Audio DecodingWorksNo DSP/Hexagon blobs are removed
HW EncryptionWorksSome TrustZone/Keystore blobs are removed
HW Packet ProcessorWorksNo blobs are required for Qualcomm's IPA
HW Video DecodingWorksNo Venus blobs are removed
IR TransceiverWorksNo IR blobs are removed
Light SensorWorksNo blobs are required for the light sensor
NFCWorksSome devices utilize blobs for NFC
Proximity SensorWorksNo blobs are required for the proximity sensor
Wi-FiWorksSome devices utilize blobs for Wi-Fi
Wireless ChargingDependsAll Qualcomm WiPower blobs are removed, newer devices utilizing WiPower will not work

Software Features

AudioFXDoes not workMany AudioFX blobs are removed
ChromecastDoes not workNo Play Services
Device EncryptionWorksSome TrustZone/Keystore blobs are removed
DRM/HDCPDoes not workAll DRM and HDCP blobs are removed
Google SafetyNetDoes not workNo Play Services
IMS/VoLTEWorksSelect IMS blobs are removed, but is kept working
Qualcomm aptXWorksOn devices where it is available
RCSDoes not workAll RCS blobs are removed
Tethering (BT/USB/Wi-Fi)WorksNo blobs are required for Tethering
Wireless DisplayUnknownThere are many different protocols. All Qualcomm Wireless Display blobs are removed.


Amazon MusicUntested: Potentially WorksAmazon Prime Video relies on Google's Widevine DRM
Apple MusicWorksReported working 2022/11/27
Google Play MusicWorksDoesn't rely on DRM. Tested working 2017/07/13.
NetflixBrokenRelies on Google's Widevine DRM
PandoraWorksDoesn't rely on DRM
SpotifyWorksDoesn't demand DRM? Reported working 2022/05.
SoundcloudWorksDoesn't rely on DRM
Square Point of SaleWorksDoesn't rely on Google SafetyNet