Known Issues

This page documents known problems, along with workarounds if available, for the system and apps. See also the functionality tables page and the bug reporting page if necessary.



  • On DivestOS 19.1 and 20.0 the initial install of Mull may not have Internet access, go to its `App info` screen then `Mobile data & Wi-Fi` and enable `Allow network access`. [likely fixed]
  • Only uBlock Origin is recommended and supported.
  • Dark Reader is known to be incompatible with the Mull changes and will cause significant breakage/slowdowns.
  • Dark mode for websites is disabled due to resist fingerprinting. Please do not disable RFP.
  • Refresh rate is capped to 60hz due to resist fingerprinting. Please do not disable RFP.
  • If audio/video content fails to play in private tabs navigate to about:config and change browser.privatebrowsing.forceMediaMemoryCache to false, this is however a privacy risk.
  • Mull disables the JavaScript JIT to increase security at the cost of slowing down webapps, complex websites, and the PDF viewer. Navigate to about:config and change javascript.options.ion and javascript.options.baselinejit to true to restore their performance.
  • Mull has strict certificate revocation checks. The CA revocation servers are frequently down/blocked/inaccessible and will result in a "Secure Connection Failed" error. Navigate to about:config and change security.OCSP.require to false, this is however a security and privacy risk.
  • Mull requires safe renegotiation for connections. Some few websites do not support this and will result in a "Secure Connection Failed" error. Navigate to about:config and change security.ssl.require_safe_negotiation to false, this is however a security and privacy risk.
  • Mull has strict certificate pinning. If you are using a proxy or VPN that does HTTPS manipulation you'll encounter a "Secure Connection Failed" error. Navigate to about:config and change security.cert_pinning.enforcement_level from 2 to 1, this is however a security and privacy risk.
  • Mull does not trust user-added CA certificates, you can optionally enable them at your own extreme risk: Settings > About Mull > Tap Mull logo until debug settings are enabled > back a menu > Secret Settings > Use third party CA certificates > Enabled, this is however a security and privacy risk.
  • Mull has stripped referrers. This often breaks loading of images on websites with hotlink protection. Navigate to about:config and change network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy from 2 to 1, this is however a privacy risk.
  • Mull has WebAssembly disabled by default. This is often used for web apps. Navigate to about:config and change javascript.options.wasm to true if needed, this is however a security risk.
  • Mull has WebGL disabled by default. This is often used for games and maps. Navigate to about:config and change webgl.disabled to false if needed, this is however a privacy risk.
  • Mull has WebRTC disabled by default. This is often used for audio/video calls. Navigate to about:config and change media.peerconnection.enabled to true if needed, this is however a privacy risk.
  • If the button to "Accept the risk & continue" doesn't work: navigate to about:config and change browser.ssl_override_behavior from 1 to 2.
  • If you want to access Onions using Mull and Orbot: navigate to about:config and change network.dns.blockDotOnion to false. Tor Browser for Android however should be preferred.
  • If you want to install addons from navigate to about:config and change privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager to false. The effects of this are currently unclear.
  • If you have issues playing some videos: navigate to about:config and change from true to false. This may reduce battery life.
  • When adding a custom search engine that contains a `:` you must replace it with `%3A` to workaround an upstream substitution bug.
  • Upstream issues: background timers, bookmark import/export, disable images, , download location, duplicate tab, FIDO, Fission, isolatedProcess, language issues, open .html file, RFP canvas exception, Sync broken by RFP, touch gestures


  • F-Droid will not suggest updates for Mull if the version on the official F-Droid repo is older than the DivestOS repo. Enable "Unstable updates" in its Settings for faster updates.
  • F-Droid will reset its database on the second start in many cases. [upstream]
  • F-Droid will sometimes crash when downloading large apps. [upstream]
  • To use with the F-Droid variant of FairEmail you must use an App Password.
  • Silence will crash if first started without a SIM-card inserted. [upstream]
  • SMT / Fossify Gallery will fail to render images on select older devices. Disable 'deep zooming' in its settings to workaround. [hardware limitations]


Not Supported

  • Changing device identifiers like the IMEI is NOT supported.
  • Encryption cannot be disabled.
  • Fonts cannot be easily added to the system.
  • Google Apps or microG or Sandboxed Play Services are NOT supported.
  • Granting apps special permissions via ADB is NOT supported and can/will compromise privacy/security/reliability of your device.
  • Other WebView providers such as Bromite are not currently supported. They were briefly supported in the past but caused boot issues on 15.1 for unknown reasons.
  • Remote desktop host apps like AnyDesk and TeamViewer are not supported. They rely on special system permissions enabled by vendors signing helper apps on their behalf.
  • Removing system apps via ADB is NOT supported and will break things.
  • Root is NOT supported.
  • SELinux is always enforcing and cannot be set permissive or disabled.
  • Signature spoofing is NOT supported.
  • Torrents will not be offered for downloads/updates. They don't work well on mobile and they leak IP addresses of users.


  • 16.0 and higher will warn when running an app that is not targeting Android 9.0 API for the first time.
  • 17.1 and higher will warn when running a 32-bit app for the first time on a 64-bit device. Sometimes this warning is not accurate.
  • Compiling is non-trivial and has many undocumented steps.
  • Devices using 'encryptable=footer' in their fstab will not be encrypted by default. These devices typically are unable to be encrypted on the very first boot.
  • If your device is not detected by your computer use a USB 2.0 port. If you don't have any USB 2.0 ports use a USB 2.0 hub. If that still doesn't work try another cable.
  • IMS/VoLTE may or may not work. [upstream? deblobber? carrier?]
  • Incremental updates will often fail to successfully apply on non update-engine devices. [releasetools]
  • It is strongly recommended to leave OEM unlocked enabled to allow for recovery if unbootable and locked.
  • Sensors Off toggle on 17.1/18.1 also turns off the camera and microphone.
  • 'Storage Manager' is non-functional in some cases.
  • The ADB toggle in developer options has absolutely zero effect on whether or not you can use ADB in recovery.
  • The default password for Android encryption is `defaultpassword`.
  • The DivestOS recovery is automatically installed on supported devices each successful boot. If you externally change it, you must not boot the system to use it.
  • The 'enable native code debugging'/ptrace_scope toggle does nothing on devices without stacked YAMA, ie. kernels before 3.10.
  • The Updater may not show very recent updates due to the server's 2 hour cache.
  • The Updater will show the currently installed update, this is expected.
  • When sideloading a final percent of 90-94% is expected and not signs of failure.
  • You can quickly access the default keyboard settings by long pressing on the comma key.
  • Etar may not have its battery management set unrestricted. It'll prompt on opening if it doesn't. When restricted it cannot provide reliable event notifications.


  • Block encrypted devices will fail to shutdown from secure boot screen on 18.1. Force power off via power button to workaround. [help wanted]
  • Bluetooth phone calls may not work.
  • Captured photos may have incorrection orientation. [various]
  • Devices with less than 2GB of RAM *will* likely out-of-memory more often than usual. [various]
  • Disabling Storage Manager is strongly recommended, it may choose to delete your old files after 90 days otherwise.
  • Fingerprint readers may work inconsistently, this is usually not actually caused by DivestOS.
  • If `fastboot update` fails on identifying device you can try the force option, otherwise extract the zip and `fastboot flash` each partition manually.
  • If Seedvault is set to backup to a USB flash drive and it is later plugged in, the automatically started backup may fail. If so, you must invoke the backup manually. [upstream]
  • If you have banking or game apps that do not work, ensure the `Enable native code debugging` toggle is enabled in Settings > Security. Such apps use ptrace as a form of crude anti-tamper mechanism.
  • MediaProvider error toast on some boots of <=16.0. [permission issue?][tracking][help wanted]
  • Most devices may take up to the full 12.5 minutes to acquire a GPS lock. Locks will often be quicker, especially if recently locked. Please test using GPSTest app with *clear* and *direct* line of sky. [deblobber][link]
  • Mull is not installed by default, only an empty shim/placeholder is. F-Droid will prompt you to "update" it on first run which will install it.
  • Phone call audio is distorted sometimes until speaker phone is toggled. [deblobber?]
  • Recovery will not be updated on each boot on 14.1. [upstream]
  • Search in Trebuchet when a work profile is available may cause the view to wrongly switch.
  • The OLED screen protection mechanism may push the clock off the screen for a minute every now and then. [help wanted]
  • The changelog link in the Updater links to the LineageOS changelog for your device. However devices Lineage no longer compiles for don't have such a page.
  • The secondary user logout button on the lockscreen will overlap the unlock icon on some devices. [help wanted]
  • Trebuchet, the launcher, on older versions will randomly enter a half-broken state where you cannot long press any apps. Force stop Trebuchet from Settings or reboot to fix. [help wanted]
  • TWRP (which isn't supported) often cannot decrypt/unlock /data due to it being incompatible/outdated.
  • Updater JSON parsing error on 14.1. [upstream?][tracking][help wanted]
  • `Wallpapers & Styles` may crash after upgrading to 20.0 from 19.1, clear it's app data to fix.
  • `Wallpapers & Styles` may not show homescreen icon previews if grid size is greater than 5x5.
  • `Wallpapers & Styles` will not show wallpaper previews if not granted `Music and audio` permission in addition to `Photos and videos` on 20.0.
  • When `Private DNS` is enabled for the system, Chromium based browsers will automatically handle DNS themself bypassing the /etc/hosts based blocking function. Disable `Secure DNS` to work around.
  • When `Private DNS` is disabled for the system, using anything in the VPN slot will likely bypass the /etc/hosts based blocking function. Read here for more information.


  • 15.1 will bootloop if a pin/password/pattern is not set or is removed/unset. [???][tracking][help wanted]
  • Flutter-based apps may show graphical artifacting on older (msm8974 era) devices. [help wanted]
  • Older Unity engine games will likely crash on 16.0+ due to the hardened memory allocator. A workaround is to install the 32-bit variant of the app. [Unity engine bug][tracking]
  • Select older devices running 17.1/10 or higher will fail to connect to 802.11w (optional/required) enabled Wi-Fi networks due to lack of PMF support. [hardware]
  • System profiles option to disable lock screen under certain scenarios can prevent the navigation bar from working. [upstream][tracking 1][tracking 2]


Devices listed as "Tested/Reported Working" on Downloads page will not be listed here if they are fully working as expected and do not have any quirks.


  • Encryption is not supported. [upstream blobs]


  • Wi-Fi country code MUST be set via advanced settings before connecting. Will bootloop otherwise. [???]
  • Using GPS causes a reboot. [???]
  • Encryption is not supported. [???]


  • Video recording doesn't work [???][help wanted]


  • (confirmed report) Camera is non-functional. [kernel][help wanted]


  • Camera is very slow to start and sometimes won't start at all. [upstream]
  • Camera can be very slow to take pictures at higher resoutions. [???]


  • Mobile data doesn't work. [hmalloc incompatibility][help wanted]


  • Sensors will not work unless you have a hybrid v220k modem which requires an a10b bootloader. [firmware]


  • Do NOT attempt to lock the bootloader if fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability returns zero or else it will brick. EDL access is not available on this device and you will have to send it in for service. [upstream][forum thread]


  • Wi-Fi tethering may not work. [???][help wanted]
  • Bluetooth likely won't start due to missing MAC address. [hwaddrs selinux? /misc corrupt?][help wanted]
  • Device will often fail on reboot and become unresponsive, requiring the battery to be pulled. [hardware]


  • Bluetooth likely won't start due to missing MAC address. [hwaddrs selinux? /misc corrupt?][help wanted]
  • (unconfirmed) NFC doesn't work. [???]
  • (unconfirmed) GPS doesn't work. [???]
  • (unconfirmed) Torch doesn't work. [???]


  • Wi-Fi does not work under 20.0. [???][help wanted]
  • FM radio causes reboot on headphone plug/unplug, app can be disabled as workaround. [???][help wanted]



  • (reported) Occasional bouts of rapid battery drain. [???]
  • (reported) Having fingerprints registered can cause the sensor to trigger at random causing the screen to flicker green. [???]
  • (reported) Automatic brightness may not be available. [???]
  • (reported) Charge history may not be available. [???]
  • Second SIM non-functional. [disabled, some variants lack the necessary firmware]


  • Device powers off after sleeping for an unknown time. [???]


  • Camera is non-functional. [upstream kernel]
  • Device is extremely slow. [hardware?]
  • Relocking bootloader with an AOSP/Lineage/DivestOS recovery flashed will result in a *permanent hard brick* unless you have acquired your NvFlash recovery token! [bootloader][guide]


  • 15.1: Wi-Fi tethering doesn't work. [???][help wanted]
  • 16.0: Camera, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi tethering doesn't work. [???]


  • (reported) bootloops. [???][report][help wanted]


  • Web browsers and other complex apps fail to open at all or may open and then later crash. [kernel? memory?][help wanted]
  • USB MTP is likely not functioning. [SELinux?][help wanted]
  • NFC is likely not functioning. [SELinux?][help wanted]
  • (reported) SIM card detection issues. Likely fixed in 2021-06 build. [SELinux][report][help wanted]

lavender and maybe jasmine_sprout/platina/twolip/wayne/whyred

  • Do NOT use fastboot update on lavender or jasmine_sprout, it has been reported to brick.
  • Recovery doesn't update on system update due to missing [upstream][help wanted]


  • Sideload doesn't work in recovery, use TWRP instead. [help wanted][tracking]

klte and maybe hlte

  • SD cards might fail to mount or format. [vold + selinux?]
  • USB ADB only works when MTP mode isn't set. [FunctionFS corruption?]


  • Recovery doesn't boot, use TWRP instead. [???][upstream]
  • FM radio doesn't work. [???][upstream]
  • IR blaster doesn't work. [???][upstream]


  • Not encrypted by default. [OMAP SMC limitation]
  • Camera unavailable until reboot occasionally. [ducati cma issues?]


  • /system needs to be resized to fit 17.1 or higher. [too small partition]
  • Will fail to boot on first boot. Force off once after 3 minutes. Likely fixed in 2022-01 builds. [modem subsystem service startup failure with forceencrypt]


  • Images will often fail to install via recovery. [fstab /vendor/firmware_mnt][help wanted]
  • Speaker phone volume cannot be changed from maximum.


  • Recovery doesn't boot, use TWRP instead. [defconfig?][help wanted]


  • Camera is non-functional. [upstream blobs?]
  • Encryption is not supported. [upstream device tree?]
  • GPS is non-functional. [deblobber]


  • 20.0 won't automatically update the recovery. [selinux?][tracking][help wanted]


  • (reported) APN persistence issues. [???]
  • (reported) SIM detection issues. [???][upstream]


  • 19.1 and 20.0 stopped booting after the September update. [???][help wanted]


  • (reported) Fingerprint reader doesn't work. [???]


  • Uses the stock /vendor partition, making many of the deblobber benefits unavailable. [upstream]


  • Wi-Fi does not work under 20.0. [???][help wanted]
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