XXX Update

System Updates

  • 16.0 release candidate #1 June ASB builds were published on June 15th.

Workspace Updates

    Device Updates

      Roster Updates

        App Updates

        • Updated Mulch (WebView) to Chromium 103.0.5060.53-1 and 103.0.5060.70-1, has 14 and 0 security fixes respectively.
        • On Mull 101 and higher there have been reports of addons sporadically disabling and becoming non-functional on 101 and higher. Unable to reproduce and cause unknown.
        • Updated Mull to 102.1.1-1 and 102.1.1-2, has 19 and 0 security fixes respectively. 102.1.1-1 had Fission enabled which while it largely worked, resulted in many broken functions so was disabled in -2.

        Website Updates

          Other Updates

            19.1 Bringup Status

            Support for 19.1 has been added, builds for many devices are already available available.

            • [parity] The Private DNS preset servers are not available yet.
            • [parity] The captive portal toggle in Settings is not available yet.
            • [improvement] Many legacy hacks have been dropped.
            • [improvement] Full bionic hardening patchset from GrapheneOS has been enabled.
            • [quirk] The Settings app has some missing video animations.
            • [issue] Network restrictions on other profiles are semi-broken, pending upstream patchset.
            • Only devices with kernel 4.4 or higher will be supported due to increased requirements.
            • In-place upgrade from 11 to 12 while locked has been tested working.
            • Please report any issues you find.
            • While they are so new, use them at your own risk, and make a backup before upgrading!
            • Private DNS must be reset and Sensors Off toggle disabled before upgrading.
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