XXX UpdateΒΆ

System Updates

  • Firmware inclusion has been disabled for select devices, pending update and re-enablement.
  • The included HOSTS file has been further reduced in size after making our wildcard optimizer more thorough.
  • There have been many new kernel CVE patches as usual.

Workspace Updates

  • All scripts have been verified working as intended.
  • Various script fixes.
  • Scripts will now fail loudly.
  • Some patches had minor adjustments to them for `git am` correctness.
  • A non-critical patch was found to not have been applied due to a typo.
  • Patches are now refreshed on apply.
  • Patches are now applied via a helper function based on `git am` instead of `patch -p1 <`.
  • Workspace reset function has been made more thorough.
  • All branches have been deleted and re-downloaded.
  • Manifests have been trimmed.
  • 11.0/KitKat support has been removed.

Device Updates

    Roster Updates

    • apollo 14.1 builds are now available, untested.

    App Updates

    • Updated Mulch (WebView) to Chromium 95.0.4638.50-1, has many security fixes.

    Website Updates

      Other Updates