Functionality Tables

A list of what doesn't work on DivestOS


Devices listed as "Tested/Reported Working" on Downloads page will not be listed here if they are fully working as expected and do not have any quirks.

All Devices

  • 'Developer options' will crash on 15.1 due to null PDB handle. Likely fixed in late 2022-02 builds
  • Devices using 'encryptable=footer' in their fstab will not be encrypted by default. These devices typically are unable to be encrypted on the very first boot.
  • Devices with less than 2GB of RAM *will* likely out-of-memory more often than usual. [various]
  • Fenix based browsers such as a 'Mull' or 'Fennec F-Droid' might cause a reboot on launch. Please report your device if it does to be fixed.
  • IMS/VoLTE may or may not work. [upstream? deblobber?]
  • Incremental updates will often fail to successfully apply on non update-engine devices. [releasetools]
  • MediaProvider error toast on some boots. [permission issue?][tracking]
  • Most devices will take longer to acquire a GPS lock. Please test using GPSTest app with *clear* and *direct* line of sky. [deblobber][link]
  • Phone call audio is distored sometimes until speaker phone is toggled. [deblobber?]
  • Recovery will not be updated on each boot on 14.1. [upstream]
  • Select older devices running 17.1/10 or higher will fail to connect to 802.11w optional enabled Wi-Fi networks due to lack of PMF support. [hardware]
  • Silence will crash if first started without a SIM-card inserted. [upstream]
  • 'Storage Manager' is non-functional in some cases.
  • Older Unity based games will likely crash on 16.0+ due to the hardened memory allocator. A workaround is to install the 32-bit variant of the app. [Unity engine bug][tracking]
  • When `Private DNS` is enabled for the system, Chromium based browsers will automatically handle DNS themself bypassing the /etc/hosts based blocking function. Disable `Secure DNS` to work around.
  • Updater JSON parsing error on 14.1. [upstream?][tracking]
  • Simple Gallery will fail to render images on select older devices. Disable 'deep zooming' in its settings to workaround.
  • Block encrypted devices will fail to shutdown from secure boot screen on 18.1. Force power off via power button to workaround.
  • Bluetooth phone calls may not work.
  • Fingerprint readers may work inconsistently.


  • Encryption is not supported. [upstream blobs]


  • (confirmed report) Camera is non-functional. [kernel]


  • Camera is very slow to start and sometimes won't start at all. [upstream]


  • Sensors will not work unless you have a hybrid v220k modem which requires an a10b bootloader. [firmware]


  • Bluetooth likely won't start due to missing MAC address. [hwaddrs selinux? /misc corrupt?]
  • Device will often fail on reboot and become unresponsive, requiring the battery to be pulled. [hardware]


  • NFC doesn't work. [???]
  • GPS doesn't work. [???]
  • Torch doesn't work. [???]


  • FM radio causes reboot on headphone plug event, app can be disabled as workaround. [???]


  • 18.1 ONLY: Uses the stock /vendor partition, making many of the deblobber benefits unavailable.
  • Builds before 2021/09/02 on the 11.0 bootloader/firmware will enter CrashDump mode. Hold volume up + power to exit and then use fastboot to flash a newer build. [firmware][upstream fix]


  • Second SIM non-functional. [disabled, some variants lack the necessary firmware]


  • Device powers off after sleeping for an unknown time. [???]


  • Camera is non-functional. [upstream kernel]
  • Device is extremely slow. [hardware?]
  • Relocking bootloader with an AOSP/Lineage/DivestOS recovery flashed will result in a *permanent hard brick* unless you have acquired your NvFlash recovery token! [bootloader][guide]



  • USB MTP is likely not functioning. [SELinux?]
  • NFC is likely not functioning. [SELinux?]


  • (reported) SIM card detection issues. Likely fixed in 2021-06 build. [SELinux][report]


  • Recovery doesn't update on system update due to missing [upstream][repro script]


  • SD cards might fail to mount or format. [vold + selinux?]
  • USB ADB does not work. [FunctionFS corruption]


  • Screen artifacting when using video camera [???]


  • Not encrypted by default. [OMAP SMC limitation]
  • Camera unavailable until reboot occasionally. [ducati cma issues?]


  • /system needs to be resized to fit 17.1 or higher. [too small partition]
  • Will fail to boot on first boot. Force off once after 3 minutes. Likely fixed in 2022-01 builds. [modem subsystem service startup failure with forceencrypt]


  • Images will often fail to install via recovery. [fstab /vendor/firmware_mnt]
  • Speaker phone volume cannot be changed from maximum.
  • Phone call audio over Bluetooth inconsistently works.


  • Camera is non-functional. [upstream blobs?]
  • Encryption is not supported. [upstream device tree?]
  • GPS is non-functional. [deblobber]


  • (reported) APN persistence issues. [???]


  • Uses the stock /vendor partition, making many of the deblobber benefits unavailable.


  • (reported) Audio playback issues. [???]
  • (reported) Microphone issues. [???]

Hardware Features

While some hardware might not require proprietary userspace blobs, the hardware itself is non-free and usually runs proprietary firmware.

Accelerometer/GyroWorksSome devices utilize blobs for sensors
AudioWorksSome audio blobs are removed
BluetoothWorksSome devices utilize blobs for Bluetooth
CameraWorksNo camera blobs are removed
Cell ServiceWorksMany radio blobs are removed, but is kept fully functional
CompassWorksNo blobs are required for the compass
GPSWorksMany location blobs are removed, but is kept fully functional
GPUWorksNo GPU blobs are removed
HW Audio DecodingWorksNo DSP/Hexagon blobs are removed
HW EncryptionWorksSome TrustZone/Keystore blobs are removed
HW Packet ProcessorWorksNo blobs are required for Qualcomm's IPA
HW Video DecodingWorksNo Venus blobs are removed
IR TransceiverWorksNo IR blobs are removed
Light SensorWorksNo blobs are required for the light sensor
NFCWorksSome devices utilize blobs for NFC
Proximity SensorWorksNo blobs are required for the proximity sensor
Wi-FiWorksSome devices utilize blobs for Wi-Fi
Wireless ChargingDependsAll Qualcomm WiPower blobs are removed, newer devices utilizing WiPower will not work

Software Features

AudioFXDoes not workMany AudioFX blobs are removed
ChromecastDoes not workNo Play Services
Device EncryptionWorksSome TrustZone/Keystore blobs are removed
DRM/HDCPDoes not workAll DRM and HDCP blobs are removed
Google SafetyNetDoes not workNo Play Services
IMS/VoLTEWorksSelect IMS blobs are removed, but is kept working
Qualcomm aptXDoes not workAll aptX blobs are removed
RCSDoes not workAll RCS blobs are removed
Tethering (BT/USB/Wi-Fi)WorksNo blobs are required for Tethering
Wireless DisplayUnknownThere are many different protocols. All Qualcomm Wireless Display blobs are removed.


Amazon MusicUntested: Potentially WorksAmazon Prime Video relies on Google's Widevine DRM
Apple MusicUntested: Potentially WorksSome iTunes content is protected using Apple's FairPlay DRM, the streaming might be as well
Google Play MusicWorksDoesn't rely on DRM. Tested July 13th, 2017.
NetflixBrokenRelies on Google's Widevine DRM
PandoraWorksDoesn't rely on DRM
SpotifyBrokenRelies on Google's Widevine DRM
SoundcloudWorksDoesn't rely on DRM
Square Point of SaleWorksDoesn't rely on Google SafetyNet
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